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Hi there! Thanks for visiting Raising Curiosity.

This blog is the curation of my life and my family’s adventures.

As a mom, wife, and generally curious and passionate person I wanted to create a learning & adventure “lab”. A place  where our family’s experiences, observations, collections and questions can be discussed and where quirky lifestyle interests can be debated and educational tools & adventures can be devised.  So here it is in the form of this blog.

My husband and I have been traveling together since our first date  and now that we have two adventurous, creative and curious kids, the travels continue.  They’ve taught us just as much (probably more) about the world as we thought we would teach them.  Their fresh eyes and innocence changed our perspective about life and their curiosity brings us to places we never dreamed of seeing.  Our adventures and our relationship  with our kids is symbiotic.  It’s also a good test of patience.

I believe that travel near and far, adventure in any form or any location,  unhindered curiosity and creativity is the core of our kid’s education. Curiosity is the root of all learning.   We hope they will ask the questions that will lead to bigger questions. Whether it’s in our backyard or across the Earth the world is theirs to discover.

Topics we love to share with our kids and learn more about ourselves include: travel, lifestyle, education, food, crafts, science, art, books, music…  I’ll probably post about any of these things at some point.

As I mentioned before, this blog is a discovery lab, so please feel free to post comments, tips or ideas.  We look forward to hearing from you and learning with you.

Space Shuttle Launch STS-129.




It’s a big world out there! S & S taking in the Tetons