Inspired by #SandOrCity travel: Opening my eyes, exploring new things.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney


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This week, in a mix of curiosity and travel fever, two of my friends grabbed me to go check out our nearby(ish) H Mart just outside Boston, MA. H Mart is an Asian grocery store/superstore/food court where you can get your hands on authentic Asian foods and dry goods. Eye-opening cultural experiences is a passion of mine and walking into the HMart felt like I stepped off a plane into a Asian food playground.  I’m ready more than ever to visit Asia firsthand.

This was perfect timing – I’m currently gathering info for Marriott’s #SandOrCity trip giveaway contest. My Bangkok inspiration board on Pinterest has made my dream of visiting Bangkok even stronger. Traveling to Bangkok is a dream experience for me and my husband.

One component of Thai lifestyle that I’ve always found interesting is their food. Authentic, can’t-get-it-in-the-USA Thai food. One in particular is Durian, the notorious Asian fruit and major Thai export. Needless to say I was PSYCHED that they sold Durian at the HMart. Although ours was previously frozen it was still the real deal and quite the experience getting our family to try it out. Now, we want to try a fresh, STINKY one! From a fresh fruit stand… In Bangkok.

Check out our first Durian experience here: